The Sing Team: Oh! Great Is Our God!


Oh! Great Is Our God! by the Sing Team

The Sing Team is just what you would expect from their name: a merry troupe of family and friends who are always ready to party to the glory of God. Yet, with inspiration ranging from Motown to The Muppets, it’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. A band that formed out of a Community Group, the Sing Team now leads worship regularly at Mars Hill Church Ballard. The ensemble is led by Brian Eichelberger, one of the main songwriters at Mars Hill. The Sing Team's tunes are filled with straightforward, joyful lyrics that celebrate God’s grace and the group’s reliance on Jesus. 

Marked by a swarm of group vocals, soulful string melodies, and infectious bass riffs, Oh! Great Is Our God! is the Sing Team’s second EP. The title track, "Oh! Great is Our God!" opens the album with a compelling invitation to worship the glorious God. From there, the songs continue to reveal a complete need Jesus, including "Satisfied in You," a reminder based on Psalm 42 to preach the gospel to yourself in despairing circumstances.




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