King's Kaleidoscope: Sin


Sin by King's Kaleidoscope

King's Kaleidoscope is an indie rock band that leads worship at Mars Hill Church U-District. Made up primarily of about a dozen college students, the band has been leveraging their college years to create some of the most original worship music around. King's Kaleidoscope is led by Deacon Chad Gardner, who is only 23 but has been playing and arranging music his whole life. He has quickly become one of the most influential artists at Mars Hill.

Sin is a live recording of the King's Kaleidoscope worship set from Mars Hill Church Ballard's 2011 10:30 p.m. Good Friday service. It is eloquent, sweeping, gut-wrenching, devastating, and beautiful all at the same time as the album seeks to convey the events leading up to and at the foot of the cross of Jesus. It's some of the most intricate and unabashed music we have heard. Watch a video below from Chad describing the theological foundations of the album:




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