Joe Day: Grace


Grace by Joe Day

Joe Day is a songwriter and worship leader whose songs communicate rich theology in a way that connects with people and invites a heart-felt response. After moving to Seattle in the late 1990s, Joe's musical life began to deepen in response to a unique tension. On Friday or Saturday night, he was playing in local clubs as the front man of Seattle bands like Static and Mindhead. On Sunday mornings, he and his band were leading worship in their local church.

This period of creative exploration inside and outside the church was foundational. Joe says, "I began to see that these two different contexts didn't need to be separate—they could influence each other in amazing ways." As a local musician, he learned to write songs that are singable, that speak to people, and that draw them into response, which are exactly what songs should do for the church.

Joe's songs are sung widely at Mars Hill Church where he has served at a high capacity as a volunteer worship leader for nearly a decade. He continues to write new songs and share them in service to the church. Joe believes, "The church needs more songs. I want to see the church be more effective at being the bride of Christ and being able to speak to people who are completely unfamiliar with Christ." As for the tension, it hasn't resolved. Nor does he want it to. "It's a tension created by the truth of the Gospel."

Watch an instructional video about how to play "Passover," or watch the video for the song below:




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