Bob Thune

from Acts 29 Network


Bob Thune is the lead pastor of the Coram Deo Church Community in Omaha, Nebraska.

After prior stints as a college pastor in Omaha and as a missionary to college students in Austin, Texas, Bob led a small band of people to envision and plant Coram Deo in the fall of 2005. His teaching and leadership connect Scripture and culture, making the contours of Christian spirituality accessible to the skeptical, the critical, and the doubtful. Bob is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and Reformed Theological Seminary.

Bob's primary roles within Coram Deo are preaching, vision, strategy, and theological leadership. In his spare time, you can find him on the basketball court, in the coffee shop with a philosophy book in hand, on a date with his wife, or wrestling in the living room with his four kids. He takes great hope in the fact that though he is a great sinner, Christ is a great Savior.