Productivity, small groups, and the dark night of the soul: Resurgence Roundup, 9/6/13

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Why we lose our days to unproductive tasks,” by Drake Baer

Fast Company

Productivity research shows that we spend over 40% of our time on unimportant tasks, yet we keep filling our time up with more. Why? Because “we like to take on tasks that ‘make us feel busy and thus important.’” This article will help you identify the low-value tasks in your workday and strip them from your schedule.

Getting small groups unstuck: interview with Bill Willits,” by Tony Morgan

We all value small groups, but many ministry leaders find their churches get “stuck” in this area. This interview with Bill Willits, of North Point Community Church, covers strategies to help church leaders get their small groups ministries unstuck.

FactChecker: What is the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’?” by Glenn Stanton

The Gospel Coalition

How many times have you heard the phrase “the dark night of the soul”? As Glenn Stanton shows, this phrase from the sixteenth-century Spanish priest John of the Cross doesn’t mean what you probably think it means.

Confession connects us to Christ,” by Joe Thorn

Confession of sin is one of the rhythms of the Christian life, but it can be easy to lose sight of its importance. Joe Thorn has written a couple of posts to encourage a recovery of the practice of deep and regular confession of sin.


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