Beard wars, underground Christians, and the future of rock music: Resurgence Roundup, 8/30/13

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Underground Christianity: Lamb of God,” by Guangzhou

The Economist

This is a brief story about Samuel Lamb, an underground pastor in China. Be encouraged by Jesus’ work in building his church around the world and despite extreme opposition.

The war over Christian beards,” by Ted Olsen

Christianity Today

Throughout church history, beards have often been much more than a fashion statement. Check out this historical overview of the “Christian beard wars” to see what beards have said about the men wearing them.

Semester-based Bible reading plan,” by John Dyer

Dallas Theological Seminary

Students, this Bible reading plan is for you. You can read through the entire Bible during the 42-week common school year, with 10 weeks off, at just 10 minutes a day.

From strangers to missionaries: fleshing it out,” by Tim Brister

School has started for many and will begin for many more soon. Figuring out how to participate in worship services, serve the church, or even spend time with non-Christians can be a daunting time management task. Tim Brister lays out five practical steps you can implement today to help you create time in your schedule to make meaningful connections with others.


Here are the posts we’ve put out here on Resurgence in the last seven days:


Corgan: God is the future of rock music


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan talks with CNN about why rock music needs God and what advice he has for Christian artists.


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