Resurgence roundup, 4/26/13

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Sail through the flood of information with our weekly Resurgence Roundups. Each Friday, we will share a list of articles across ministry tribes that our team has found helpful with the hope of serving you well.

Calvin on angry Calvinists,” by Steve Childers

People in the Reformed/Calvinist camp have a reputation for being angry and argumentative. Steve Childers argues that the root of this problem is not in their knowledge, but rather with their heart, an argument he makes by examining quotes and excerpts from John Calvin’s own teachings.

Homeschool vs. public school: A few thoughts,” by Staci Eastin

Eastin, a mother with children both at home for school and in public school, shares her thoughts on what she’s learned from her kids’ homeschool and public school experiences. Observation #1? Good—and bad—kids can come out of all schooling situations.

The Equipping Counselors for Your Church series,” by the Biblical Counseling Coalition staff

If you are a part of a church in any capacity (e.g., guest, member, or leader), you will be in a position to provide some level of counseling. With this series, the Biblical Counseling Coalition will share what pastors can do, why it takes a congregation to counsel, how to equip the saints for counseling, and why we need to equip and be equipped to counsel.

Autopsy of a deceased church: 11 things I learned,” by Thom Rainer

What are the telltale signs of a dying a church? Is it a lack of evangelism, vision, or prayer? In this post, Rainer provides a sobering analysis of a church he consulted 10 years ago that recently closed its doors for good. If you find that your church fits these descriptions, you’re encouraged to prayerfully consider how you and your leadership team can reverse your trend.

4 warning signs you may be wandering from the truth,” by Colin Smith

People who identify themselves as Christians normally don’t wake up one morning and say, “Today is the day I leave the faith.” People who wander away from Jesus and the truth normally start with one small step that leads to another (1 Tim. 1:6). In this post, Colin Smith not only provides the warning signs that we may be wandering away from the truth, but how to return.

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