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One of the things we love to do here at Resurgence is to share and let you know about free, helpful resources.

One of those resources we’ve been jamming on lately is Faithlife Study Bible created by our friends over at Logos Bible Software. It’s normally $89.95, but they’re giving away 2.5 million copies for free. We posted an announcement about it last year, but wanted to give you a little closer look into how powerful it is. Pastor Matt Chandler actually called it “a steriod shot in the arm of reading the Bible through in a year.”

Some features we like:

  • Multiple layers of in-depth study notes that are simple to navigate.
  • A free, built-in Bible dictionary with over 2,800 articles.
  • The ability to set up reading plans. (Want some help with those resolutions?)
  • Articles from Bible scholars. (Can you tell that we kind of like articles on the Bible in general?)
  • Lots of photos, videos, infographics, and maps.
  • Custom highlights and note taking.
  • Community notes that can be shared (wonderful for small groups).
  • More articles, info graphics, study notes and links are continually being added. Think of it as a study Bible without a back cover. 

Their team spent countless hours on this massive project and actually created a whole new Bible translation in the midst of it called the Lexham English Bible, along with a free dictionary for it

We’ll quit jabbering and being a obstacle in the way of you deeply studying God’s Word, so head over to their site and sign up for free

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