Will you miss Christmas this year?

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“Miss Christmas? How in the world is that possible?”

Many people—if not most—do miss Christmas every year. Truthfully, it’s hard not to. There’s shopping, traveling, visiting family and friends, attending work parties, sporting events, new movies and games, shows, and finals in school. We can become so preoccupied running around doing Christmas “stuff” that we completely miss the entire point of Christmas: the birth of Jesus. We might remember it at our church services, but how can we daily worship God this season and celebrate his coming?

A quick lesson from the busy innkeeper

Don’t miss it like the innkeeper did when Mary went into labor (Luke 2:6–7). Whoever the innkeeper was, he was so busy with what was going on around him (the census taking place in Bethlehem in Luke 2:1–5, 7) that he turned away a pregnant teenage girl, Mary, and her husband, Joseph. His inn was full, and there was no level of hospitality whatsoever. He was apparently so busy with business that he failed to even point them in another direction or at least contact a local midwife who could have helped deliver Mary’s baby. Instead, they left her all alone with Joseph to deliver their baby.

Christmas this year will be what it has been for many years: busy and commercialized. So be careful to not just “go with the flow” this Christmas. The world we live in does not worship Jesus. Christmas activities—unless redeemed for Jesus—will not lead you closer to him, but will fill you with endless activities and worries that will lead you to completely miss Jesus this season.

Christmas at Resurgence

We’re really excited about Christmas this year at Resurgence as we have a great lineup of pastors, authors, and worship leaders to write on practical issues for men, women, families, and church leaders this Christmas to help you navigate this season and live for and fully enjoy Jesus during it.

Here’s a sample of some topics to expect:

  • Why a virgin birth?
  • Should Christians fight to keep “Christ” in Christmas?
  • Creating a robust Christmas liturgy
  • Song suggestions for Christmas from Mars Hill Music
  • Leading your family well through Christmas chaos
  • Finding balance as a blended family
  • Practical tips on introducing Jesus to others this Christmas
  • Showing Christmas hospitality
  • And more . . .

Our hope is to challenge and encourage you to live for and enjoy God this Christmas season.

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