Day 2 at #R12: A Recap

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Our second and final day of our 2012 Resurgence Conference has just come to a close.

It was another great day with music led by The Modern Post and King’s Kaleisdoscope, along with some great preaching from Miles McPherson, James MacDonald, Craig Groeschel, and Mark Driscoll.

Here’s our quick fly-by of the second day at R12 with photos and the top tweets from the day and each speaker’s session. In case you missed it, check out our day one recap here.


Miles McPherson, on serving the city for Jesus

“All the communities you live in are in critical condition.”

“God sends deliverers in response to people’s cries. Your communities are crying out to God.”

“Alcoholics, criminals, liars, cheaters, and adulterers are in your church. Love them.”

“Jesus could have sat in the Temple and said ‘Come to me,’ but he went out and walked everywhere to people.”

“There are all these places in the world where people are hurting, but we just drive by and no one goes in.”

“One of the big mistakes that Christians make is they’re always telling people stuff before they know what they’re talking about.”


James MacDonald, on resourcing for Jesus

“Ministry requires people, programs, and facilities, and all those things require money.”

“I took years of ministry training and was never offered a course on finance or how to handle money.”

“Beware of begging God for things you don’t have to have.”

“God has his ways, and so often his provision begins with a season of desperate need.” 

“Money is a tool: gain it honestly, give it generously, multiply it faithfully, use it effectively, enjoy it carefully—or it will destroy you.”

“You already have what you need to participate with God in his provision for you.”

“God often provides out of what we already have.”

“Generosity breaks bondage to and fear of money.”


Craig Groeschel, on innovating for Jesus

“Limited resources + a willingness to fail + increasing passion = exponential innovation.”

“You have everything you need to reach every person God wants you to reach.”

“Limited resources are not a hindrance to innovation—they are a catalyst.”

“Limitations are the breeding grounds for innovation.”

“Failure is not an option. Failure is a necessity.”

“Failure is often the first step toward what God wants to do.”

“You try. You fail. You learn. You adjust.”


Mark Driscoll, on being changed by Jesus

“We don’t make the Bible relevant, we show the relevance of the Bible.”

“Our identity is to be received, not achieved.”

“We now use idolatry to define our identity.”

“When our identity is in our idolatry, we tend to be blind from our own hypocrisy.”

“Don’t let what you do define who you are. What you do should flow from who you are.”


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