Day 1 at #R12: A recap

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We’re still reeling from the first day of the 2012 Resurgence Conference!

It’s been an amazing day of Spirit-filled worship and life-changing preaching. We’re also having a great time meeting with folks from all over the country, and even the world in some cases!

Here’s our quick fly-by of the first day at R12 with photos and the top tweets from the day and each speaker’s session. Follow our conference page, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more photos, quotes, and giveaways tomorrow.


Greg Laurie, on preaching Jesus

“To preach Jesus, we must have a burden for lost people.”

“I don’t care what you’re preaching on—there is always a gospel application.”

“Conversion is God’s work. Our job is proclamation.”

“Churches have a choice: evangelize or fossilize.”

“The critics are many, but the laborers are few.”


Lecrae, on engaging culture for Jesus

“For Daniel, there was no division between secular and sacred work. Everything he did was sacred work.”

“1. Engage culture, 2. Love people in the culture, 3. Rehabilitate the culture.”

“The reason why the church doesn’t typically engage culture is because we’re scared.”

“You can’t engage culture if you’re just busy avoiding things.”

“Engage culture. You might learn something.”


Nick Vujicic, on being strong for Jesus

“We are human. We need rest.”

“Slow down. Your kids need an excellent father more than they need an excellent college.”

“Pray for wisdom in finding balance now. Don’t wait for things to slow down. They never will.”

“I don’t care what your staff thinks of you; I care about what your family thinks of you.”

“Be content because Jesus is Lord.”


Rick Warren, on seeking influence for Jesus

“The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who don’t have influence.”

“The pathway to influence is service.”

“Forgiveness is instant. Trust is earned over time.”

“The price of influence is criticism.”

“The leader’s role is to help others use their influence wisely.”



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