Why Greg Laurie at R12?

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Greg Laurie is a godly man who loves Jesus and the church. I consider myself fortunate to call him my friend. I’ve invited Greg to the first national Resurgence Conference for one very important reason: to help us be better evangelists.

You may not have accepted this harsh reality or not, but overall, the church is doing a terrible job when it comes to evangelism. The vast majority of churches have either plateaued or are in a state of decline. There’s no way to church this up. Most organizations, churches, and Christians are doing poorly when it comes to introducing people to Jesus Christ.

Believe me. I understand evangelism is hard. And yes, I understand God is sovereign over salvation. I also understand that his sovereign plan includes sending us to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ (Rom. 10:14–15).

Right now there is no one more gifted and active in the United States when it comes to evangelism than Greg Laurie. This past weekend Greg led a huge evangelist event called Harvest America. Here is what he said about it in a text he sent me:

“Harvest America went really well. 78,000 attendance, over 8,000 professions of faith. 2,400 host venues. Stories are pouring in.”

When you take into consideration the number of people who listened on the radio or watched this event on their television or computer, the total number of views may have been a few million, making this the biggest evangelism event in the United States—ever.

We need help evangelizing. Bring yourself and your team to R12 to hear Greg Laurie, Lecrae, James MacDonald, Miles McPherson, Rick Warren, Nick Vujicic, and Craig Groeschel, and by God’s grace, I believe he will be able to help us all bear more fruit for Jesus and his church.



Join Us at R12

Make sure to  join us for the 2012 Resurgence Conference October 9–10 in Irvine, California, where Greg will speak on evangelism with his talk "Preaching Jesus."

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