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Today is an exciting day.

The book Grace and I began working on over a year ago, Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, & Life Together, is hitting stores. Naturally, we’re excited to come to the finish line on the long process of writing a book and getting ready for the release. The truth is, however, things are just beginning. 

What's to Come

On January 15, we’ll begin the Real Marriage sermon series at Mars Hill Church, and over 2,000 churches and ministries will join us through the Real Marriage Campaign, which gives away hundreds of pages of research from Docent Research Group, all our marketing and branding materials, worship and counseling guides, my personal preaching notes, DVD downloads of my sermons, and more—all for free.

In February, we’ll kick off the Real Marriage Tour in Corona, California. We’ll then be visiting a number of cities around the country to share the Real Marriage material. We pray that many lives and marriages are changed.

We’re doing all this for one reason. We really want to help marriages by God’s grace, and we believe some of these tools will help that happen.




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