Help Create the Next Mars Hill Sermon Series

Mark Driscoll
In one year, we’re going to Turkey. This isn’t just a place on the map: It’s the Bible in three dimensions. It’s one thing to read about Paul going to Ephesus in chapter 19 of the book of Acts; it’s another to think about going into the thick of a riot in the 93-degree heat in July, and walk through the ruins of the pagan Temple of Artemis—one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World—which the ancient Ephesians so vehemently defended. We’re taking this trip to educate leaders and others who want to experience these places first-hand and those who want to learn alongside a global fellowship. This is our first expedition trip since we took a group last year to Israel. The itinerary is structured around biblical teaching by myself at key historical sites. For a taste, the Hagia Sofia, featured above, is part of the four-day extension trip to Istanbul. Yes, the trip is over a year away, but there are only 65 spots left in early registration, and there’s an early-bird discount if you sign up by tomorrow. If you’re a congregation, send your pastor to the heartland of the early church. If you’re a parent, make it a legacy trip for your family. If you’ve read about the places the disciples went, send yourself to retrace their steps as you grow in your own discipleship. You’ll join myself and the Mars Hill team, along with Christians from all over the world. (One in five people currently registered are from outside the U.S.) This trip will lead into a big endeavor, something I’ve never seen done before: We’re going to study a book of the Bible together with churches from around the world, all at the same time. After wrapping up the Luke series at the end of 2011, we’re going to take the book of Ephesians and go through it together with churches from around the world. And we’re going to have a whole global church community and set of content set up before we even start the series. This is how it’s gonna happen: I’m going to write a book of commentary on Ephesians before I preach the series, and then we’ll publish the book during the fall of 2011. Then, we’re going to invite churches from around the world to go through Ephesians with us and use all of our community group content together starting in early 2012. Mars Hill Pastor Brad House will write not only community group discussion questions for each chapter, but also family questions, and even content for kids in community groups who are meeting separately from the parents so they can study Ephesians as well. Those pastors who sign up are going to get additional information, commentaries, reference material, and preaching tips on how to preach Ephesians. This way, we’ll help other churches go through Ephesians with us around the world. As an added bonus, for some of the sermons, we’ll live-record in Ephesus next July on the tour. We’re then going to throw the names of the churches that are going through Ephesians with us in a hat, and on the Sunday when the recorded service is playing at the Mars Hill campuses, I’ll pick one name out of the hat and then fly out to that church and preach there live. All of this to say, we’re working hard to do this study series very differently. Let’s come together, as local churches from all over the world, to study the Bible alongside each other. Send your pastors, your leaders, your family, yourself to Turkey. Originally posted on the Mars Hill Blog.
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