Please help get my sermons transcribed.

Mark Driscoll
In the past decade I have preached through fifteen books of the Bible and have covered scores of topical issues at Mars Hill Church. In addition, I have preached at well over one hundred conferences around the U.S. and world. For many just starting to listen online, trying to keep up with that amount of content is like drinking from a fire hose. We have a solution but need your help. My friends at Logos Bible Software are willing to transcribe every sermon of mine and make them fully searchable by topic and verse. But we need your help! If 1,000 people pre-purchase the Logos collection of my sermons, Logos will transcribe all of these past sermons. So, please do me two favors.
  1. Buy the Logos collection.
  2. Help me get the word out so we can get the transcribers to work immediately.
Click here to get the Logos collection.

What we could do with transcribed sermons in the future:

  • Easily translate to other languages
  • Add closed captions
  • Make the Mars Hill sermon library searchable
  • And much more...

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