What Is the Dance of Mahanaim?

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If you’ve missed any of the Peasant Princess sermon series, in which we’ve walked through the Song of Songs, I hope it was not last Sunday. Why? Because we covered the most erotic, passionate, and debated section of the entire book, and possibly the entire Bible.

If you subscribe to the sermon feed this week, you can learn what the Dance of Mahanaim is, why a husband greatly enjoys seeing his wife perform it, and whether or not Song of Songs 7 is really talking about her belly button or something more interesting.

Also, at the end of each sermon in the series, my wife, Grace, and I answer questions text messaged to us during the sermon. So, please help us get the word out and the sermon subscriptions up as we labor to replace Christian porn, adultery, and divorce with hot, hetero, covenantal monogamy.

Who knows, you may even help us leapfrog Oprah and Osteen on iTunes for Religion & Spirituality as we just don’t have their marketing budget and can’t seem to overtake them. But if ever there was a week to make a run, this is it.

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