Vintage Jesus DVD Give Away

Mark Driscoll

Vintage Jesus DVD curriculum We've been working with Song of Solomon productions to design a video curriculum to go along with the book—Vintage Jesus. We filmed a 30 minute session for each of the 12 chapters with the goal of helping small groups learn about Jesus, needless to say we're really excited about this. There are far too many people who call themselves Christian, but don't know Christ. It is our hope and prayer that God will use these DVDs in small groups around the country for people to get to know Jesus. The Contest We are so excited about this that we want to give some away for free. Here's what you have to do... 3 easy steps. 1. Type up a short proposal of how you will use these DVDs to have the most impact for the Kingdom of God. 2. Join the Vintage Jesus Facebook page HERE. 3. Add your proposal to the Vintage Jesus Facebook wall. We will read every post, choose the top 5, and mail the winners the full DVD curriculum of Vintage Jesus DVD set (valued at 230 bucks!). We hope this is will be a Catalyst for thousands of conversations about Jesus. You can order the DVDs here.

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