Building Teams and Developing Leaders (Part 2)

by Jeff Vanderstelt


Jeff Vanderstelt is pastor at Soma Church in Tacoma, WA and was willing to lead a breakout session at the Reformission Conference in 2004. In this audio portion which is broken into two parts Jeff will discuss building teams and the development of leaders. Jeff is a former leader at Willow Creek in Illinois and has drawn some insight into what it takes to build teams and leaders. Leadership is not about us but about glorifying God as the goal. The fundamental flaw is being afraid of leadership development that might replace oneself. We need to see that the incarnate word will make a difference as we develop leaders. Likewise leaders need to be the ones that embody the word in all of life. Jeff gives biblical advice and helpful illustrations on understanding how we may develop leaders that live the word in their life and community. May this mp3 further develop your view of leadership development.

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