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Evangelism in a post-Christian World (Part 1)

by Mike Gunn


In this breakout session during the Reformission Conference 2004 in Seattle, WA Pastor Mike Gunn (Harambee Church) covers the topic of evangelism in a post-Christian world. Listen to this audio as he fleshes out how God works in many different ways and we need to realize that evangelism not an event but what we do or are as a church. Pastor Mike Gunn challenges people to figure out the "how" from Jesus mandate to preach the gospel to our world. Are we pushing ourselves outside of the standard methods of evangelism? Are we thinking of the people we are reaching or the plans on which we do evangelism? Where does our authority come from in this postmodern world? We need to repent of our moralistic methods of evangelism. Also on this mp3 we need to realize the tensions that surround being evangelistic in the cities that we live in today.

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