The Supremacy of Christ and Scripture in a Post-Modern World

by Mark Driscoll


As I started to speak and travel I realized that my view of postmodernism was very different than most people. Many Christians simply thought that postmoderns were a new kind of Christian. But, I believe postmoderns are simply not Christian. Anytime you have a hyphenated Christianity (i.e. New Age Christian, liberal Christian, etc.) then you have negated the Christianity. For postmoderns the issue is one of authority/power as they see all leaders and all texts as means by which someone exercises authority/power over another. They see all authority and power as inherently bad and prefer experience over truth, relativism over absolutes, and tolerance over judgment to varying extremes. The result is that the will reject any singular interpretation of Scripture arguing that it is your perspective and that there are other perspectives and none are true so we should be tolerant of all. They will reject and leadership and shun away from what they call “organized religion” and prefer to have there “personal relationship and experiences with God.” They will also shun being in any form of officially responsible leadership which makes them bad parents and spouses and church members. This is because we are dealing with common sins that have simply now been given a philosophical name:

  1. Like Adam and Eve in the garden we want to be God and decided right and wrong and play with what God says rather than obey it.
  2. Like Romans 1:18 they suppress the truth they don’t like because they want to sin and live their life as they please so it is never a philosophical hang up but a hard heart that is truly the issue.
  3. They think being spiritual is good enough, but James says even demons believe in God so being spiritual is never enough.
  4. They will use the name Jesus, like cults do, which is confusing, but it’s a different gospel and a difference Jesus ala 2 Corinthians 11:4.

The bottom line is that such people are idolaters worshipping their experience who are very selfish and don’t care about building up the body of Christ, or living to glorify God and obey the Scriptures. Instead, they use God and His people to play with the truth and live as they please.

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