The Whole Glory of God: The Imputation and the Impartation of His Righteousness (Part 2)

by John Piper


A proper understanding of the cross is of high importance if we are to properly understand our freedom given to us through Jesus. In this mp3 the emphasis on the cross must be the place where the Lord shines most brightly. If we get the wrong view of the cross then we get the wrong view of his glory and the wrong view of worship. John Piper highlights six points about the cross in this audio: We can't make the culture and its bent the measure of the cross. Do not make the cross the echo of your value but the display of God's grace. Don't remove the blood and violence of the cross. Don't remove the wrath of God from the cross. Don't neglect or deny the covenant effectiveness of the atonement. Do not deny your people the joy of understanding the doctrine of the imputation of the righteousness of Christ.

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