The Whole Glory of God: Governing and Knowing All that Will Come to Pass (Part 1)

by John Piper


In this mp3 from the 2004 Reformission Conference, John Piper exhorts believers to glorify God by being satisfied in God. We learn in this audio, that by uprooting the sin that leads to false worldly satisfaction, and turning to the truth of the Lord, we will find the only real satisfaction in this life. As we love God with all our being he will be most satisfied in us because we seek the ultimate satisfaction in him. Loving God includes his attributes, that in contrast, open theism tries to ignore. Whatever undermines the truth and glory of God will undermine our joy in this life. Undermining the truth will also undermine all areas of life and ministry. Open theism distorts God's truth and is a cancer in the evangelical world today. The practicalities in life and interpretation of scripture are a very slippery slope. The charge is to be aware of open theism and confront it.

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