Gravity: The Weight of Pastoring and the Knowledge of Christ

by Matt Chandler


Listen to one of the youngest and most gifted teachers in the US today, Matt Chandler. He is pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village Texas, and he will be preaching on, "Gravity: The Weight of Pastoring and the Knowledge of Christ" in session 9 from the Reform & Resurge Conference May 2006. Matt Chandler will take us through 2 Corinthians 4 and the book of Matthew in this audio. Do not think that just because you feel the gravity of pastoring that Jesus Christ does not know what you are going through. Matt shows us that Jesus has experienced gravity in all aspects of his life just as much as you may experience gravity in many areas of your life. For example wanting more for the people of God then they would even desire for themselves. Jesus has been there and knows more than we can imagine about the gravity of ministry. We cannot avoid Jesus as we pastor but must press into him for the salvation of our lives as we don't gain identity through pastoring but in Jesus. We appreciate these sober words from Matt Chandler.

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