Preaching the Gospel

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by Tim Keller

Dr. Tim Keller, senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, New York and founder of Redeemer Church Planting Center, speaks on, "Preaching the Gospel" in his second of three sessions (session 7) from the Reform & Resurge Conference May 2006. Watch this video from Dr. Keller as he gives some insightful comments on preaching the gospel today. What is discovered is that the older evangelicals know how to preach the gospel of sovereign grace in salvation and the younger evangelicals preach the gospel of salvation as a means for a new heavens and new earth. Dr. Keller notes that there are not many movements today that combine these two ways to preach the gospel as both the building of God's Kingdom through people being redeemed by the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross. What needs to be realized is that every theme and/or thread points to Jesus. This also includes the building of the Kingdom of God and personal salvation. More importantly Dr. Keller gives great advice at preaching the gospel in getting to the roots of idolatry and selfishness rather than just the slap on the hand for doing wrong. Preaching the gospel in a manner that glorifies Jesus rather than us is key aspect for the church today and this video from Tim Keller should push the church in that direction.

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