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After surveying the mountain of books on Genesis and the issues raised therein, one theologian rightly said that the interpretive trends are as faddish and changing as women's fashion. Trying to keep up with all of the commentary and speculation that surrounds Genesis is simply overwhelming. So, in an effort to be of assistance to those who aspire to study more deeply, I have compiled the following list of resources that is no way exhaustive. Each of these books is in my personal library and something I have read, or at least referenced, and can attest that they are insightful. However, I do not agree with each of these books, but find them helpful in at least explaining the various positions that emerge from issues found in Genesis.

Books on the Pentateuch

Books Providing an Overview of Genesis

Detailed Studies of Genesis 1-2

Commentaries on Genesis

Commentaries on Genesis 1-2

Books Debating Views of Creation

Books on Creation & Intelligent Design

Books Critiquing Evolution

Books on Particular Issues Related to Genesis

Books Seeking to Reconcile Science & Scripture

Books Examining the Foundations of Science

Books on the Age of the Earth

Websites on Creation

Videos on Intelligent Design


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