Understanding Culture

by Ed Stetzer


In the fourth session of the Reform & Resurge Conference May 2006, Dr. Ed Stetzer, author of Breaking the Missional Code, pastor of Lake Ridge Church in Atlanta and missiologist at the North American Mission Board, continues the conversation from session three as he speaks on "Understanding Culture." In the last session Dr. Stetzer talked about why culture is important now as you listen to this audio session he will expound on how one begins to understand the culture in which one ministers. How does one shift to a church born in culture, not a culture born out of the church, that is biblically faithful? How does the church go from an attractional church to an incarnational church? The church needs to shift from professional leadership to passionate godly leaders. Dr. Stetzer also continues to push the church to realize that the people in the church are not ministers but missionaries in their communities. As well he challenges leaders to leave a legacy of exponential growth not details of themselves. In conclusion Dr. Stetzer just gives great points to ponder in this mp3 if you plan on being a leader in reaching the culture that surrounds you. This session will give you great thought provoking lessons along with tools on how you can understand your culture in order to reach your culture effectively by staying on mission with Jesus.

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