The Life and Death of the Missional Leader

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by Darrin Patrick

In session 1 of the Reform and Resurge Conference May 2006, Darrin Patrick, pastor of The Journey in St. Louis, talks on "The Life and Death of the Missional Leader." What are the many factors that pastors and ministry leaders face today? Watch this video on the many situations and statistics that kill or disqualify the minister such as adultery, burnout, sexual misconduct, crime, bad theology, tough times in ministry and various other trials. Darrin Patrick unpacks how ministry is designed to kill you so that Christ may live in you. In James 1 he unpacks how we ought to realize that trials help train and/or exercise us into God's people. Being on mission with Jesus Christ will bring pain along with joy as we preach the gospel in our present day culture. As well Darrin Patrick leads us through 2 Corinthians 1 on who Paul tells us that when we respond appropriately to trials we will fall in love with people. The question one must answer is, did you get involved with ministry to serve yourself or to serve others? As you die to yourself you begin to live for Jesus. May this video help stir in you these biblical realities.

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