Breaking the Missional Code

by Ed Stetzer


Listen to Session 3 audio from the Reform & Resurge Conference with Dr. Ed Stetzer, pastor of Lake Ridge Church in Atlanta, author and director of research at the North American Mission Board, preach on, "Breaking the Missional Code." Dr. Stetzer will be speaking in this audio about the biggest issues evangelicalism will face in the next ten years, specifically in the areas of ecclesiology and missiology. Dr. Stetzer will be preaching and teaching from Acts 17. He points out to the church that we must realize we are to be a people of God that will know how to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in our culture because culture matters. As clearly displayed in Acts 17, Paul knows the culture around him and as controversial as it was then it is as controversial now. The key for the church is to see that the "how of ministry" is determined by the "who, the when and the where of ministry" because context matters. We are also encouraged to learn how to pastor in our communities not pastor in our heads. In addition to contending for the faith and theology but to do it in our culture like Paul did in Acts 17. Dr. Stetzer also desires our need to acknowledge the positive things of the culture and rebuke the negative things of the culture. As you listen to this mp3 session the hope is that we will continue to engage the culture around us, as we must preach Jesus Christ.

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